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Alanah Bunyard

B. Com. Ag, SNM, ASNM

Alanah has several years of farm business and ecological health analysis, and is a strong believer in helping farmers to achieve farm, family, and business wellbeing, along with the wider ecological health.

She enjoys helping connect communities and empowering them to make a difference.

With her experience: smart technical and design skills, she can bring agricultural data and trends to life in an and easy to understand way.

Data transparency and helping people to understand what lies behind the facts and figures is an area Alanah thrives on.

As a small block owner herself she is passionate about the land and her animals, she loves getting out and enjoying New Zealand's landscape. Alanah also owns a number of businesses in her own right, so understands the importance of work life balance, and most importantly, that of profitability.



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