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One World - One Health - One Life

Why Tipu Whenua?

Tipu Whenua represents the reintegration of life and land in search of new solutions to ensure the future generations survival and wellbeing. Our advisors are skilled in farm, business, restoration and environmental planning and support farms to be fit for the future. 

Wellbeing for land, water, animals, people

Tipu Whenua represents a new shift. Integrating a diversity of cutting edge knowledge systems to be New Zealand's leading advisory service on "One Health" - sustainable agriculture. 

We deliver practical environmentally engaged, cost-effective solutions.

We work with anyone who is trying to build a better and more sustainable food system, that treads more lightly and achieves better results, for generations to come.

Our Values

One World - One Health is our guiding principle

We are consultants who focus on the well-being of people, animals and ecosystems.
We support low footprint farming systems to operate profitably.

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Meet our team

Our team at Tipu Whenua is dedicated to helping you get the best results you can and helping you to know your number.

We work closely with farmers to refine their plans down to being as sustainable as they possibly can. Working collaboratively to give you the tools you need to help you have a lighter footprint on our planet.


Farm advisory and management

Our team is dedicated to getting the best outcome for Farmers.

Sustainable agriculture

Offering Sustainable options for your farm to help you take care of our planet.

Inside the Farm Gate

Helping with business health, ecological health and animal well being.

Beyond The Farm Gate

Helping farmers to get a clear understanding and working with them to lead change.

One Health

Human health and animal health are interdependent.
At the same time, both depend on the environment.

Ready to make a difference to Aotearoa?

Come on a journey with us...

We are here to help landowners navigate their way to a farm system that has the right land use in the right place, right animal right place, while still being profitable and resilient.


The collaborative effort of multiple disciplines working together for optimal health of land - water - people.


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