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"Everyone wants a good place to live"​​

One World – One Health

Working together locally, nationally and globally to achieve optimal health for people, animals and the environment. 

              We work with a range of agencies and funders to solve whole of catchment solutions. One of our big workstreams, funded by TECT, Bay Trust, MPI and NEXT foundation is the Wai Kokopu Programme in the Coastal Bay of Plenty

Our goal is to empower farmers, consultants, agencies and land managers who work with farmers who  end up guiding the regulatory framework to effectively adapt to environmental and economic change using cutting-edge cross-disciplinary knowledge to solve problems and implement solutions.

What's the problem?

Pastoral agriculture, the backbone of the New Zealand economy, is confronted with economic, environmental, animal health, public perception, policy and climate challenges. The current approach of aiming for maximum output is no longer economically nor environmentally viable. The public want farmers to be successful, but together we need to improve and enhance our social license.

 The volatility of the climate, commodity price fluctuations, and new regulations make it even more critical for some farming systems to change and adapt.

 We work with you and your farm team to develop farm systems adapt and reconfigure to remain profitable, & become financially & environmentally resilient. Research, evidence, policy advice at national and regional levels have assisted good outcomes for innovative farmers in Regional Plan/Environment Court / EPA hearings. Our business and economic data amassed on multiple businesses over the last decade tells a consistent story and helps provide valuable information and insight into economically, environmentally and socially sustainable solutions. 

What's the solution?

We aim provide leadership and to encourage dialogue on the options and opportunities for alternate ways of managing our primary industry. We will analyze where the business is at, what a plan can be to adapt to reduce emissions, work inside new regulations, and make a profitable transition to more  diversified and resilient systems. 

We will assist farmers to review their farm systems, suggest ways operate in a way that brings the heart back to the land for families, the farm and local communities.


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