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Manu Bird

PhD, MSc (hons), BSc

Manu was brought up on a North Canterbury farm where his father instilled in him a land ethic and the need to appreciate that wildlife can coexist with farming. This early advice has lead Manu into pursuing a career in resource management and conservation biology. His Bachelor of Science is in botany and zoology and has a focus on New Zealand's flora and fauna. His Master of Science (hons) degree is in marine biology where the dynamics of fish assemblages were studied in Wellington Harbour. After completing his MSc thesis, Manu was employed by the Fisheries Research Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries where he studied the biology and fisheries for shark species. Manu has a PhD is in conservation ecology and wildlife legislation. Manu spent five years at Auckland Council working on environmental and land use policies for the Auckland Unitary Plan. Manu was appointed a Research Associate of Massey University in 2010 where he continues to publish research on biodiversity, policy and legislation. Manu has 30 years' experience in resource management, environmental strategy and natural resource policy development and implementation. 


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