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John Hartnell

John's involvement in the Beekeeping Industry began in the 1976, whilst employed by innovative and leading meat exporter of its time, C.S Stevens & Co. Ltd. During this period export markets where opened for honey retail packs in South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe. By 1983 John was working fulltime in the industry, both beekeeping and packing for domestic and international markets. By 1990 activities were largely focussed on international trade, and growing market opportunities for the New Zealand honey industry, this principle continues today. Commitment and support of the Beekeeping Industry are very much part of John's ethic, he is presently Chairman, Federated Farmers Bee Industry Group, Vice Chairman, Bee Products Standards Council, an Executive of the Honey Packers & Exporters Association, an Executive Board member of the American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan, Founder of the Trees for Bees programme and sits on a number of national advisory groups and panels covering issues such as Bee Nutrition, Food Safety, Bio-Security, Border Standards, Resource Management and Environmental issues.

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