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Brendan Hoare

Brendan Hoare Dip Hort, B.App.Sci, M.App.Sci


I am a multi-disciplined qualified practitioner in sustainable organic production systems, integrated resource management and land use design with 29 years of experience. Working across traditional disciplines and public / private sector boundaries, my practice systemically integrates landscape resource ecology, the redesign and implementation of productive landscapes and the mobilizing of communities and organizations to create effective change. Experience encompasses wide ranging social, cultural and institutional frameworks.

I am the Managing Director of Buy Pure New Zealand, a company committed to delivering a thriving trade community of organic, natural and fair trade brands in the Oceania Pacific and Asia region. We deliver effective growth 'path to market' strategies for sales, marketing and trade by project partnering with, commercial organisations governments and, non-government organisations as well as tribal groups through New Zealand and the Asia - Pacific region.

I have been active for over 29 years and over the last 18 years have served in leadership and governance roles within the Agriculture sector in New Zealand and internationally. My commercial expertise is in the development and delivery of collective strategies while engaging all stakeholders towards successful and progressive solutions from grass roots organisations to trans-national companies. In this capacity was the Oceania representative and facilitator of the World Consultative Committee to the 2014 United Nations' International Year of Family Farming.

My passion is in demonstrating practical change. I have designed and managed numerous award winning projects through New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. I am the founder and Team Leader for the Journal of Organic Systems , and was instrumental in establishing and the development of a national organic certification participatory guarantee program and the National Organic Sector Strategy and the formation of the new peak organisation Organics Aotearoa New Zealand which I am the current Chief Executive.

My family run an Organic certified 4 hectare property "Long Breath Farm", designed on polyculture systems of Asia/ Pacific. It is here we demonstrate and share our strong passion towards developing regional food culture and economic strategies through our daily practice and extension programmes to the local community.

Full details of my expertise, project history and potential collaboration can be shared by visiting my website or discussed on request.


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