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Weka Foos Services offers years of experience in dairy processing, fruit processing, factory development, food technology, equipment sourcing, business establishment, brand and market development, management and strategic vision helping other (food) business and people realize their potential. Co-founder and (ex) director of Clearwater's Organic Dairy Ltd: established to develop products, brand and market adding value to the milk from Clearwater's Organic Dairy farm, Subsequently this farm has become one of NZ leading niche yoghurt brands in a fiercely competitive market. A is one of three founding members and (ex)director of Geraldine Concentrators ltd (since called Timaru Concentrators ltd and now Juice Products NZ Ltd, he developed the product -process - and set up the initial plant and facility to produce carrot juice concentrate from fresh carrots. GCL was the first NZ Company to successfully market and export container loads of Carrot Juice Concentrate to Japan. Worked as a member of the Executive Management team at Barker Fruit Processors, for over 18 years, and has played a key role in developing and growing this business into one of NZ's leading and most successful Food Industry Innovators. Certificate Dairy Technologist and diploma in Food Technology.

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